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Working TogetherThree Delegates Working Together

Working together with others to secure bigger packages of work can be very rewarding.

The main drivers for Collaborative Working are to increase capacity or to extend technical capability by adding new processes,  techniques or other resources at no "upfront" cost to deliver larger contracts.

Collaborative Working offers considerable potential benefits in terms of cost saving and risk management, however formal Collaborative Working challenges many traditional business practices and attitudes.

The maximum financial benefit from the Transport for Wales investment will only be realised if as many small companies as possible collaborate to win business.

Collaborative Working is a journey built on developing mutual trust between partners so cannot be rushed.
We recommend reference to the Joint Bidding Guide and compliance with ISO44001:2917 Business Relationship Management.

Robert has many years experience of successful collaborations and is here to help you develop the right approach.

Please contact us in the fist instance to find out more.